tacoRIDE No.Tres

The trip for Mexican cuisine would be the Inferno's last before his adventure overseas.

11 started, but with a hard previous days effort and a quick wheat soda stop on the way out, it would be left to 5 to complete the ride.

The ride itself was pretty straight forward with no real surprises. Taco's Tony was his usual gracious host - different rates for different guys really lets you know where you stand in the customer hierarchy.

The importance of the Eat-More chocolate bar on a ride cannot be stressed enough, both for its refuelling/healing powers and its fun wrapper alterations. If you haven't tried one its a must. Far better then a disgusting Big-Turk.

To commemorate the ride Inferno put together a short film.

The said previous days effort was a 40 km time trial. JLo laid down a crushing 55:56 time - impressive to say the least.


  1. great post ('bout time) and i have to admit i was one of the taco quiters.

  2. Watching the video, I feel bad I was a taco quitter; But I did it for the team. I didn't want to slow the guys down, I sacrificed my own thirst for tacos to let the 5 go faster.... Ya, that sounds better than just TACO QUITTER. Let's Start a new ride, "Ice Cream Greenway" any takers.


  3. The Butcher7/21/09, 5:53 PM

    Sweet video Dante! You will be missed, but not forgotten (a tear). Many beer will be spilt at the end of a Monday night ride for you homey.

  4. Awesome Taco Ride. Probably the fastest return ride ever.

    Kris - No to your attempt to start up an ice cream ride. You should be ashamed for even suggesting it. I think I have a basket from my grandmother's old bike. Would you like it, we could mount it to your handle bars and you could carry kittens on your rides for ice cream.


  5. DB JLo, lets settle this at tomorrows TT. I am sure I can beat you even with your grandma's basket... :) But just to show that I am a good sport I'll forget about the damn ice cream and bust ass on the next Taco ride while crushing kittens.

    ----And tomorrow I will wear my YELLOW jersey----


  6. That's better Kris!

  7. Okay if J-LO did a 55:56 congrats!! I need confirmation from the organizer it is a true 40k. What equipment did you use? Sorry if I sound skeptical but those kind of times are very tough to do in Essex county unless you do it at 2am when there is no wind.

  8. Angry Asian7/23/09, 8:50 AM

    The 40k has been verified with two trip computers calibrated by the CSA, ANSI, NFPA & NASA.
    The TT was conducted at 6:45pm EST.
    Winds were West to East.
    The time was qualified by a sixteen year old, 12 year old and 11 year old.
    The TIMES are REAL!!!!
    Suck It Buttercup!!!

  9. Thanks I guess. The TT was out near Woodslee, Thursday last week at ~7pm. I borrowed an alumium and carbon Giant TT bike from the store, used my normal helmet, shoes etc. Jim, Pak and Chico measured the course the night before, so they can verify that (my computer had it at 40km). Oh yeah a well timed EPO cycle also may have helped.

  10. Nice job, I will expect 140k of diesel pulling on August 8th.
    ps. easy there Angry Asian