And Back

Done and in the books. Another year at One Helluva Ride.

This event is a chance for cyclists to complete a scenic bicycle tour with options of a 15/30/39/63/76 or 100 mile route. The organization is really quite good and it needs to be to keep 1000+ riders safe, oriented, and well fed.
Here's a rundown of the imperial century:


An early departure, logistics of getting a large group organized, and some heavy rains on the drive over really drained the enthusiasm early on. Alternate options were thrown out, some in gest but most serious [ie. starting the post ride celebrations prematurely]. Once there equipment was sorted and the group assembled, all the while the rain slowly eased.

Rolling out on the wet roads knowing the next 5 hours would be spent in the saddle in less than ideal conditions didn't do much to restore the enthusiasm, but things had to get better.

By the first support station the group experienced a couple of flats and a small crash. Combined with some tight maneuvering through cyclist filled roads, some rough sections of pavement, things were not getting any better despite a total reversal in weather.


At the halfway point and with a few more flats since the last stop, it seemed the rhythm of the ride had been established - ride, stop, ride, stop, etc. So under sunny skies and hot temps the only thing to do was enjoy the mean spread of food at the lunch station and prep for the final 50 miles and whatever they might hold. [Prep for one meant some vicious lycra-on-lycra-back-cracking].


Well, the string of bad luck and interrupted riding did not continue for the second half. The weather was good and the group settled into a solid and smooth rotation tapping out a rhythm to lift even the most tired of spirits.

Towards the end smaller groups formed as people found their comfort zones. The final push to the finale for the traditional post-ride watermelon was on and salt riddled jerseys revealed the efforts of a long day.

Lounging around afterwards with drinks, food, and stories did a lot to erase much of the earlier thoughts of doubt. All in all it was a good way to spend a Saturday and odds are it will all happen again next year.


  1. I would of went just for the food/stories.

  2. The early down pour sucked. Driving over with our stuff (bikes, shoes, bags, etc.) in the back of a pick up during the rain really sucked. The day did turn around though. Great day of riding! Ordering pizza to the big tree in the field and actually getting the pizza = awesome.

  3. Taco Inferno7/15/09, 9:49 PM

    Taco Teaser:

  4. Well, the man crush shite continues avec the mano a mano action. Well Done. Truly the Bees Knees.

  5. I had to ask my kid to leave the room so as not to see the back cracking picture...it's just disturbing.