Some leftovers from the last week.

Last weekend was the Tour de Mount Pleasant, an ominium stage race consisting of a criterium and a road race. An impressive first time event with a truly unique road course.

Generally, on a local and regional level, races follow a pretty standard format - circuits [multiple laps of a given length, key=multiple]. However, the Mount Pleasant road course was a point-to-point 105 mile race providing a great opportunity usually reserved for national caliber events. Numerous intermediate sprints and K.O.M's added to a solid course design and called for a real adjustment in racing tactics, assuming you had some.

Results of Le Tour de Mount Pleasant can be found here.

Local racer Daniele DeFranceschi of the JetFuel Coffee Team posted some great results over the weekend and a write-up can be found here.

Pic No.2

Misleading heading in the pic. The Butcher did not infact make bitches today. Rather, tagged along on an ambitious Fathers Day ride with a small group for a leisurely jaunt. But it would have been really cool had there been a massive group ride and The Butcher just owned everyone. Effectively making bitches. Guess he'll have to wait for the postponed Tour de Essex.

Tomorrow's Monday Night Worlds will not be hosting a BBQ/Awards Ceremony. The date was premature. So holster your party hats for one week and join us on Monday June 29th. Sorry for the disappointment.


  1. Inferno's Handbook, Rule No. 147
    Even lying about making bitches is better than smothering them.

  2. thats the gospel