Deodorant Sticks and Lonnie

A fully packed car and a need to drive, race, drive, repeat. Two solid days of travelling and racing condensed into a few words and pics.

Day One

Frankenmuth, MI
A road race held on 25 km loop. Mainly flat where the wind can dictate the degree of difficulty, though little was prevelant on race day. Perhaps the best part of the race is the atmosphere [a dog parade caps off a morning of racing].

Day Two

Sauble Beach, ON
A first time road race held in scenic Bruce county on a 31.1 km loop. The course had a great variety of rollers, flat and two gentle climbs per lap. A strong contigent of locals made the trip with teams like A-Bikes.com, Ciclo Sport, Max Edge, and Maple Leaf Cycling all in attendance.

Full results can be found here.

The Numbers

980 km of driving
280 km of racing
$50 of prize money
1 broken frame

A big congratulations to Dylan and Devon who organized and delivered a great racing event in the Bike the Bruce Ontario Cup Road Race.


  1. I hope the broken frame was the only thing broke and the rider is ok.

  2. The rider (me) is physically okay, mentally???? Thanks for the concern Wayne.

  3. The Buthcher5/27/09, 4:06 PM

    Good post Adam

  4. Good Job Fellas!!! way to represent the flatlands!

  5. Being passed during TT makes me angry.

  6. Great post Adam! Thanks for the pic. JLo what happend? and Pho hope things are well with you and Kim.