A Day of Dirt & Pavement

Billed as the 'Paris-Roubaix of the Midwest', the latest edition of the Cone-Azalia road race delivered a test of fitness, equipment, and luck.

Its not a typical road course and for that reason some racers opt for other venues, but for those that take the challenge a unique experience awaits ranging from euphoria to utter frustration. Often marking the opening race of the Michigan Challenge Series, the event is held on a 10.1 mile loop with 4 miles consisting of dirt/gravel sectors.

Its these 4 miles of dirt/gravel that defines the race. Year to year the condition of these sections are ever changing [smooth, ruts, potholes, mud] and where your choice of equipment and your relationship with lady luck are paramount. No flats - bonus, flat(s) - how many times can you withstand a motorpace back up to the peloton? Eitherway, a classic European style circuit might just be some of the best racing you'll do all season.

And when your luck has run out, its nice to have a stong team that can still deliver a 1-2 finish; especially in a race where just finishing can be tricky.


  1. what a great race...thanks again Diesel for introducing us to this race the post race snack were deliciously addictive! Butcher next year 1, 2 finish for us!

  2. I believe this to be the most challenging one day race locally. If you can finish it the gods were on your side.

  3. The Buthcher5/4/09, 10:56 AM

    One of the greatest days of cycling ever. I wasn't able to finish the race because of a double flat but next year I will be riding the hot set-up and if lady luck comes my way will finish

  4. In road only news Dylan L won the S3 Springbank race in London.