Race Recap: Waterford No.2

Another good weekend of racing. What follows is a rundown of the race as told by a Team Max Edge racer [many facts have not been verified, so it is most likely all lies].

Race Report: Spring Fling Training Race No.2

Representation. That’s the word of the day for this race report. Not only was Team Max Edge well represented, but Essex County as well. First, the C race featured two of EC’s finest riders, Greg Andrew (father to young up and comer Ben Andrew, more on him later) and the legend himself, Robbie Roberts. Although I didn’t see their race, I’m sure they raced like champions. Greg A took eighth according to the Flying Rhino website.

In the B race, TME had five riders. Ian C, in his first ever finish; Kris P, in his first ever race; Pak Ho, racing veteran; Dante D, in his 2nd race ever; and Chico, sandbagging/killing it for at least the hundredth time. Also riding was local Maple Leaf junior racer Ben A (an honourary TME member in the absence of any ML teammates). The race started as usual, with a slow, let’s-get-to-know-each-other pace. TME eased into the race as most of the team are new to the race scene, but it didn’t take long for them to make their mark.

photos: ATM

In lap 2, Chico tore off the front of the peloton with a Flying Rhino hot on his rear wheel. A few joined, then faded, and the duo managed to stay away for the entire race with Dante and Pak chasing down breaks, blocking, and generally controlling the front of the peleton. Ian C sat in near the front of the group, hoping for a huge sprint finish. Ben A was also very visible at the front of the pack, even taking a few turns leading. The Chico/Rhino break stayed away with Chico taking his second straight 2nd place finish, placing him near or at the top of the overall points standings for the Spring Fling series. A chase group formed late in the race but Pak Ho hunted them down like a ninja, closing the gap into a strong headwind. His efforts kept the peloton together setting up a bunch spring finish for 3rd. Dante managed a sprint this week, taking 8th, with Ben A and Ian C right behind him, finishing 11th and 13th respectively while Pak rode in with the peloton. Kris P hung in there, showing TME stubbornness and finished his first ever road race (one with a heavy wind and elevated pace) with pride.

photos: Greg A.

In the A race, Paolo E (Z-Team) found the break that stayed away and placed 2nd in the finale. Adam M joined his fellow Wolverine teammates (after a notable absence last week) in their black and yellow team kits and placed 11th after putting himself in a chase group that managed to stay clear of the peloton. JLo also competed in the A race as a Wolverine in hiding, sporting TME colours. After embarrassing the field in last week’s B Race, JLo had no choice but to move up to where he most certainly belongs. He finished near the front of the peleton, placing in the top 25 overall. And Rob V (Ciclo Sport Racing) rode a fine race placing himself in several promising moves but ultimately settled for the peloton bunch kick after just missing out on the final chase group.

photos: Kim R.

Also in attendance was Derek S, famous for his WRCS ride (P.U.K.E.), who rode the trail at Pontiac Lake State Park before and after cheered on our local riders at the race.

Cycling is alive and well in the great flatlands of Essex County. Congrats to all.


  1. Great job everyone!

  2. Great Team work everyone!

  3. We all have our roles.

  4. Waterford Commish4/14/09, 4:49 PM

    Waterford Spring Fling Rules...if your gonna sandbag, don't be the biggest sandbagger...getting beat by a guy in purple and yellow automatically means you didn't sandbag...smile when you cross the finish (chico may even be winking there!)