A monster tailwind pushed the group eastward as the route incorporated more county and gravel roads. Once at the turn around, lakeside homes provided some shelter from the prevailing winds. Finished off the ride with some hot laps around the rus-woods crit.

Ride Time: 2:04
Riders: 13
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -11
Base Score: 36
Singlespeed Score: 46

Standings [8 of 12]

01_____292____08____Adam M_______01
02_____292____08____Ian C
03_____292____08____Pak H_________02
04_____281____07____Chris C________04
05_____272____06____Dante D
06_____263____07____John L_________01
07_____263____07____Kris P
08_____263____07____William M______01
09_____245____06____James K
10_____186____05____Jeff H
11_____186____05____Tony C
12_____184____05____Jim G
13_____162____05____Manny G_______01
14_____143____04____Sue S
15_____107____03____Ben A_________02
16_____107____03____Greg A
17_____100____03____Dylan L
18______87____02____Stu A
19______81____02____Jeff O
20______81____02____Paul E
21______81____02____Rob V
22______76____02____Sean K
23______67____02____Jeff C
24______66____02____Rob L
26______50____01____Todd S
27______43____01____Derek S
28______31____01____Kim R
29______31____01____Mark T
30______31____01____Mike A


  1. I would like to declare Sue and Stu the Female and Male Champions of the 1st official Russell Woods Crit! Congratulations to all even though many were not impressed with the second lap being added.

  2. Sweet Ride! The most tropical conditions of the series. Quite possibly the best two weather days of the winter riding season in a row. Does anyone know a good treatment for 2nd degree wind burn?

  3. smear chamois butt'r all over you face when your done. Put it on thick and leave it for a good few hours, clear that windburn right up!

  4. Isn't that supposed to go on your ass????
    Ian...I don't think the buttr on the face is a good idea!

    Great Story board Adam!

  5. Thanks for the great ride today. Thanks Adam for the extra push to get me into the group and to Pak for escorting me via the crit. Sorry I will miss ride #9