The route revisited WRCS No.1 with some similarities in the crash count, but once on the open road it was smooth going. For some it was the first time ever riding in snow - astonishing to say the least, but better late than never. No single speeds out today, too bad.

Ride Time: 2:40
Riders: 21
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -6
Base Score: 31
Singlespeed Score: 41

Standings [7 of 12]

01_____256____07____Adam M_______01
02_____256____07____Ian C
03_____256____07____Pak H_________02
04_____245____06____James K
05_____235____06____Chris C________04
06_____227____06____William M______01
07_____227____06____John L_________01
08_____227____06____Kris P
09_____226____05____Dante D
10_____184____05____Jim G
11_____150____04____Jeff H
12_____150____04____Tony C
13_____126____04____Manny G_______01
14_____107____03____Ben A__________02
15_____107____03____Greg A
16_____107____03____Sue S
17_____100____03____Dylan L
19______81____02____Paul E
20______81____02____Rob V
21______76____02____Sean K
22______67____02____Jeff C
23______66____02____Rob L
24______51____01____Stu A
26______50____01____Todd S
27______43____01____Derek S
28______31____01____Kim R
29______31____01____Mark T
30______31____01____Mike A


  1. Hampsten on the Gavia...Chow on the Malden...I see no difference.

  2. Key difference: The yellow Oakley Eyeshades that Hampsten is wearing clash heavily with the 7-Eleven kit....that would be cycling-fashion suicide for Chow.

  3. See!! you guys are learning.

  4. sorry i missed it. i suck. was sleepy when i got up then said to my snooze, just 10 more minutes but got up at 10:45 or so and had no time to make it to meet you on time. once i left go to downtown the sun was out too and it looked so nice out there. hope to join you soon though.

  5. Look out, I finally cracked into the crash counterit only took 7 weeks. Who would have thought I would have lasted 6 weeks on a mountain bike without kissing the pavement.

  6. i tried to go out and kind of cycle the route i thought you took, but just went 20kms. i was glad for the mid day sun though to keep the snow melt wet since i knew soon as that sun went down all those wet spots would be ice. it's how i fell a week or so ago.

  7. So Adam what is the tie breaker, I see there is a three way tie at the top. Maybe least crashes but then you and Pak might plan an attack on Ian. Most crashes? That would get ugly you guys would be laying it down through every corner.
    How about a three man team time trial, no shirts, in sub zero temps. ride until one man standing. (That sounds more like a Chow fantasy doesn't it)

  8. Really counting on someone to drop the ball and not show to one of the next 5 [or possibly 6??] WRCS' left to sort out the standings. However, mankini-sub-zero-time-trials sounds to be a more precise formula for delegating a winner.

  9. Nick you forgot to add the thongs in.