A quarter of the way through the WRCS, and a five way tie for first place. Important to note that nobody touched the tarmac on the ride [a first] and no one complained about the elements.

Ride Time: 1:55
Riders: 12
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -15
Base Score: 40
Singlespeed Score: 50

Standings [3 of 12]

01_____106____03____Adam M_______01
02_____106____03____Chris C________04
03_____106____03____Ian C
04_____106____03____James K
05_____106____03____Pak H_________02
06_____77_____02____Dante D
07_____77_____02____Jim G
08_____77_____02____William M
09_____69_____02____Dylan L
10_____69_____02____John L
11_____69_____02____Manny G_______01
12_____66_____02____Kris P
13_____40_____01____Rob L
14_____01_____00____Stu A
15_____-1_____00____Jeff C____point deducted for XC skiing [it is not a WRCS recognized activity for points, though it is a legitimate winter coping mechanism]


  1. I feel I should get some points today. I rode from Lasalle to Devonshire rd for the group ride, on my single speed :)... only to find no one was there.. hahah.. Guess I should of checked the site before heading out!!

  2. I LOVE BOB...1/18/09, 5:45 PM

    Love the ride. I've got a new nickname for the Sunday morning ride; BOB. You may be wondering what it means? It is a play on the gangster tatt saying M.O.B. (money over bitches), and it stands for BIKES OVER BITCHES. DISCLAIMER- Iwish to remain anonymous incase some wives ACTUALLY believe that I think they are "bitches".

  3. I love riding my MTB in the snowy winter weather. My one suggestion for the WRCS would be to include more trail riding right after major snow falls. I've heard the ride in these conditions is fun for all!

  4. Point Giver1/18/09, 9:13 PM

    Stu - you have been awarded one point for your enthusiasm in riding next weeks ride, one week early. You are still ahead of Jeff.

    B.O.B - good nickname. What happens when a 'bitch' shows up to the ride?

    JLo - sarcasm is an ugly side, though better then your infamous tantrum side.

  5. Point Giver, Great ride...excellent route planning!!!! went well with a tail wind home! Most memorable moment salty truck spray!!! Thanks for the ride fellas!!!

  6. Great ride. I loved the route and still getting my legs so the pace worked for me

  7. Glad to hear McClounie Sr. thought the pace was easy. My legs were cooked. Looks like we'll be worked over by 2 McClounie's this summer!

  8. Point Appointer1/19/09, 9:43 PM

    Mac Sr. is on a steady training plan of crushing souls and eating the dreams of the weak. Seems to be working.

    WRCS No.6 will be the doulbe points ride. Consider yourselves on notice.

  9. A rookie mistake on my part on posting a comment - "I liked the pace" (meaning - do not go faster as I will be toast).

  10. Hi this is Jeff Chow and you guys should consider yourselves lucky that I'm not riding.I'm to sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts.

  11. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!!!!!!

  12. Maybe not sticks and stones but Snow and Ice appear to, also Salt and Water and obviously Mud. Come on be a man get out and ride!

  13. This is Jeff Chow's lawyer. Please cease the harassment of my client or I will be forced to take action against BS and all anonymous posters. I'm to sexy for this court room, so sexy it hurts.

  14. Warlord of Points1/22/09, 10:05 PM

    Jeff I will protect your honour. Your name will never appear on this site again.

  15. I was planning on being there but family matters and after 3 consecutive days of running and spinning did my legs in.

    I've changed up my schedule a bit and for sure will be there for Sunday!

  16. I ain't sayin shit!!! Other than damn good ride.