The second ride took an urban and rural route towards Belle River. Only one person crashed, and he was a repeat offender. The third stop of the WRCS will start/end at the mecca of local cycling.

Ride Time: 2:30
Riders: 9
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -12
Base Score: 37
Singlespeed Score: 47

Standings [2 of 12]

01_____66_____02____Adam M_______01
02_____66_____02____Chris C________04
03_____66_____02____Ian C
04_____66_____02____James K
05_____66_____02____Kris P
06_____66_____02____Pak H_________02
07_____37_____01____Dante D
08_____37_____01____Jim G
09_____37_____01____William M
10_____29_____01____Dylan L
11_____29_____01____John L
12_____29_____01____Manny G_______01
13_____00_____00____Jeff C

Click on the lower pic on the right hand side [bikeSABBATH :road:off:road:]. It links to the original WRCS being held over the border. The number of rides and mileage those guys post is pretty inspiring - if you like that sort of thing.


  1. It took 3 hot chocolates and a 30 minute shower, with gradual temp increases to slow the needles feeling, to finally warm up; but it was all worth it. The weather was perfect and the ride was great. Thanks to Adam for coming up with the great idea of the WRCS.Butcher

  2. My feet are just getting their feeling back...(yes my feet have feelings!) Its now 8:17PM. Congrats to Adam's dad for taking it to us! Props to Adam for organizing! See you all next week. (didn't know we were tracking zeros?)

  3. I was 10 min's late, but I wasn't that sad about it. It took me 30 min to ride there plus the 30 back. I don't think I could have done much more. My butt was frozen from the water splashing up. O.k. now I am a little sad I missed it, see you next week.

  4. One of the best rides of the year. Of course, it has been my only one. Really was totally awesome. Great snow, great roads, great riders. Chris fell down a lot but got right back up. Adam, skulls on the site man.

  5. ahh I did the CX skiing thing! okay next weekend I'm there!

    Ciao Chow

  6. Thanks for the great day

  7. Yes! that was the BEST ride of the year…
    Looking forward for next Sunday (Chico had 3 cushiony falls on the powder snow)YAAAAAAAA.